Yet Another Rich Jerk Lover

I downloaded the Rich Jerk’s book for $9.99.  I did nothing with it.  I also paid the extra $9.99 for the MP3s.

After about 3 weeks I burned the sound files to an audio CD and started listening to it on my way to the Gym.  I like it!  It doesn’t tell you anything earth shattering but it brings things together that you need to have to convert well.  For example it tells you that ads & sites need to “Give Hope”, “Have a Sense of Urgency”, “Be Authoritative”, “Appear Unbiased” and “Encourage Fear (of competitors or missing out)”.

The MP3′s expand on the simple explanations and are awesome!  I HATE wasting time in traffic and listening to this in the car really takes the edge off.  Plus I get a few good ideas.  I often rewind and re-listen to some sections.  I actually added some “Urgency” and “Fear” related content to some of pages because of this.

Concerning the “Fear” subject, I’m not being deceptive.  I just look at the possible downsides from not using/buying a product and put a quick easily identifiable banner explaining those things.  I’ll try adding some of these things to my video game landing page.

For $20 if you lean one thing it’s worth it.

Buy the Book and MP3s for <$20 Here

Buy the MP3s too.  I would probably never have read the book but do use it for reference.

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