Sell any E-Thing you’ve Ever Made!

A lot of people want to sell a lot of electronic things online.  For the average person it might be a Novel or Book that they wrote.  For Nerds it might be software that they want to sell.  For digital camera experts it may be photographs.  If you have your own blog or website and want to sell your own ebook, software or photos then check out PayLoadz.

PayLoadz handles all of the file downloads for you.  There are monthly plans but those didn’t interest me.  I like the one where I never pay anything and PayLoadz takes 15% of my sale.

So basically you upload the file that you want to sell and fill in your PayPal information.  Then PayLoadz gives you a “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” link.  When the user uses it and buys something, you get paid AND PayLoadz handles sending the file to the person.  The best part is that it’s instant!  Sure you pay 15% but imagine if you had to do that yourself?  If it was just a product that cost a few bucks it almost wouldn’t be worth it.  What if it cost $2 and you sold 50 a day?  What a headache!?!?!  Plus people would get pissed that they bought something and have to wait for it.

Me?  So far I’ve sold set of photos for $5.  I just need to find something better to sell.


As a sidenote, you can also give a portion of the money to other people (affiliates) to sell the product for you.  So if you have a good product you don’t even need your own website!  I’m not sure where the affiliates are but I might take a look through their stuff.


Sign up for PayLoadz here!

One thought on “Sell any E-Thing you’ve Ever Made!”

  1. PayLoadz’s 15% plans are good for low volume or entry level merchants. I was initially with them and was using their free account but as soon as my sales crossed $100, the 15% fee became a turn off and I was forced to go with another provider.

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