AdWords Placement Performance Report

It’s Tuesday and I don’t really have any updates for you.  The new ad group has gotten some clicks but there hasn’t been any more conversions since the first gamefly one that we received.

So today we are going to run a new placement report and see if there are content clicks that we don’t want.

So get into your AdWords account.  At the top of the screen you should see a “Reports” tab.

Adwords Reports

Click on “Reports” and you should see the next step pop up.

Placement Performance Report Step 1

The first report should be the Placement/Keyword Performance report.  If that report isn’t selected, check the radio button and scroll down.

For Step 2 I selected, Summary and This Month.  You can select whichever date range you desire.  Keep in mind though that it may take an extra day or two for the information to be available for a report.

Placement Performance Report Step 2

I also manually selected just the “Video Game Rentals” campaign.  I hid my other campaigns because I’m not telling you the kind of stuff I normally promote :p

Placement Report Step 3

Normally you don’t have to change any other options unless you want to name it something memorable.  However if you wanted to you could schedule this report to be run at certain times and even have it emailed to you.

Placement Performance Report Step 3

When the report is done you can click on your “Reports” tab again and then click on the report name.  By default the newest ones are at the top.  We called ours “Video Game Rentals”.

Adwords Report List

After running this it only shows 14 clicks on my report.  Here is the list of URL’s that have the ad has been shown on so far this month.  (Not all have gotten clicks)
Domain ads
Error page ads

I took a look and all are reputable sites except for NintendoWorldReport.  That site never came back with a page, I’ll have to check that later.

I may have a problem with EbaumsWorld, Myspace and Squidoo.  Those place may be just way too generic but we shall see.  All in all 14 clicks is not nearly enough to decide on anything except to make sure we aren’t showing on Spammy sites.

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