Landing Page Ad Group Update

I created a little one-page landing page.  The URL is

I could improve the SEO on this page by setting the Description and Keywords tag as well as adding in links for a privacy statement and contact us page.

I copied the Wii ad group but change the display and destination URL.  The destination URL is now…{ifContent:C}{ifSearch:S}_{creative}_{placement}_{keyword}

I also created a second ad.  Here are the 2 ads.

wii ads

You can see that the second ad has the â„¢ in it.  This is a trick that earners blog showed us that should increase click through rate while keeping the quality of the click high.  Here’s the link to the Adwords Trademark trick.

The second ad has a url of…{ifContent:C}{ifSearch:S}_{creative}_{placement}_{keyword}

Note, this has a t2 instead of a t1.  This is so I can see if the conversions increase because of the TM addition.


I developed the page to take the SID from the URL and assign it to a session variable.  I also append the date and time to the session variable.  Then when somebody clicks on a GameFly, GamezNFlix or Intelliflix I read the session variable for my SID and forward that to the offer page.

The second thing is that I search the SID for the terms “Wii”, “PS3″ or “Xbox”.  I then change a label on the page to custom cater to it.

Feel free to screw with my stats by testing it out.  Just take the base link and add in text than contains Wii, PS3 or XBox…

I change the label hoping that by showing what the person is looking for, my conversions will increase.

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