Azoogle Adwords Day 1

Here’s the results after Day 1.


There are a few things to note.

- There were no Search impressions.

- Less than 4,000 Content impressions.

- No Clicks.

- The ad has a Google Checkout image.


I’m not worried about the low impressions.  We just chose a simple list of keywords to start.

We shouldn’t worry about no clicks either.  If we were showing on the search network then no clicks for 4,000 impressions would be a bad thing.

Having the Google Checkout image is a really good thing.  It draws more attention to our ads however, this may only be shown on search impressions (not certain but I think that’s the case).


So how do we proceed?  Well we proceed by adding more adwords.  We really need some search impressions.  This time around I won’t get too creative but will take a stab at it without doing too much keyword research.  More to come on this one in the next post.

One thought on “Azoogle Adwords Day 1”

  1. Change the URL your displaying on your ad. is not good,

    Feed Back: You will get better results if you have a landing page. 1 reason why I like to use my own landing page and my own Domain Name to be display on the Adwords ad,is because if a perspective buyer clicks on the URL that your displaying is going to direct them directly to the vender, wasting your money and losing your lead.

    check out couple of my landing pages, Iam not afraid to show off my niche.

    there lots of eduction offers that pay good theres some that even pay 30.00 for 1 page conversion. so here is example of my landing page
    my domain name is catchy and I offer multiple offers realated to eduction.

    Affiliated programs offer lots of Freebies that pay 1.25+ for e-mail or zip code conversion. this another example of my landing page. is always important to related your domain names to your offers.

    hope this helps..


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