Picking an Azoogle Offer

I haven’t gotten much feedback for my Azoogle/AdWords demo.  A lot of people are interested in this kind of thing.  They just aren’t motivated to give much feedback.  They probably don’t think it will be worthwhile for them.  They also don’t want to give up their Niche.

I am not asking for your niche.  It may be good to suggest a niche that you’ve failed in.

1.  You want a product that isn’t going to go away.  Choose an offer that has been around for a while (I’ll show you how below.)

2. Choose an offer that isn’t flooded/overpopulated.

3. Choose an offer you believe in or know a lot about.


1. In Azoogle, the older offers have a lower offer id.  Simply sort by this offer id to find the older offers.  The older offers are more likely to be staying around in the future.  Newer ones may not work out and may be deactivated.  So if everything else is equal, choose the older offer.



2. Some offers that are flooded include ALL ringtone offers, Blockbuster, NetFlix, VOIP, VistaPrint business cards.  You will want to stay away from those ones for now.

3. If you don’t know a lot about your offer, how to expect to convince others about it?  Imagine a car salesman that can’t tell you the horsepower or gas mileage of a car.  The same goes for landing pages.  You need to understand the product/service AND the people who want to use it.


So for me personally I think that I will try offers 3143 and 3423.  These 2 offers are for free 10 trial from GameFly.  I would have liked to see an older offer but these 2 have been around for while.  Azoogle is almost up to 6,000 on their offer ids so this offer probably won’t be going any where and if it did some other company would probably offer it.

I don’t think this offer is as flooded as ringtones and business cards.  Also there are certain niches that can be be exploited.

I know a good amount about video games so this will suit itself well to me.  Next up, how to promote an Azoogle offer straight on AdWords.

2 thoughts on “Picking an Azoogle Offer”

  1. Feed Back: You will get better results if you have a landing page. 1 reason why I like to use my own landing page and my own Domain Name to be display on the Adwords ad,is because if a perspective buyer clicks on the URL that your displaying is going to direct them directly to the vender, wasting your money and losing your lead.

    check out couple of my landing pages, Iam not afraid to show off my niche.

    there lots of eduction offers that pay good theres some that even pay 30.00 for 1 page conversion. so here is example of my landing page http://www.UCLACenter.com
    my domain name is catchy and I offer multiple offers realated to eduction.

    Affiliated programs offer lots of Freebies that pay 1.25+ for e-mail or zip code conversion. this another example of my landing page. http://www.MyLAInk.com is always important to related your domain names to your offers.

    hope this helps..


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