Final Kontera Results

I ended my Kontera test before the $1,000 mark.  I ended up spending $848.50 for a total of 3,394 clicks.  I had impressions of 17,550 meaning my click through rate (clicks/impressions) was 19.33%.

19.33% is incredibly high.  Good campaigns in AdWords and Yahoo Search have a CTR of between 2-4%. Having 19.33% is unheard of from them.

Did I make money?  Well, No.

I brought in $338.50 in revenue making my losses $510.00.  I did this for you, my people.

$.25 was just too much to pay for a click with Kontera with the market I was promoting.  Also, it was hard to track which clicks were converting and which sites had them converting.

I will love to try Kontera again when they have an interface that I can manage myself and good reports.  Otherwise I would consider them if I could get $0.05 – $0.10 clicks.

One thought on “Final Kontera Results”

  1. I honestly think people click on Kontera ads by accident thats Maybe why you didnt generate that many leads with such high clicks. Thanks for testing Kontera for us

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