Americans are Fat NOT Lazy

This post is inspired by Shoemoney’s Americans are Fat and Lazy.  Instead of arguing the whole thing I will argue against a couple of Shoe’s points,

1: “…Well I tried to put up a good argument but he kept pulling the card about how he makes good money working 16 hours a day but most American’s prefer to be on welfare living the easy life.”

2: “… compared to other countries we are getting out labored. We probably have been for a long time. I think that became aparent when the Japanese started taking over the US industry in the mid-late 80’s but then came the big tech boom and we started rocking it. We had the economy so really if you were just smart and had a great idea you had a audience that could afford your product.”

3: “…I am not ready to say that Americans are fat and lazy but I think our future generations are in real trouble. It has been a long time since this country has had such a poor economy and while people would like to believe its our politicians I would offer that its more that the world has changed and Americans have lost the economic advantages that came from just being born in the USA.”

My rebuttals

1: Most American’s are not on Welfare.  It’s silly to think that.  About 2% of Americans are on Welfare.  I attribute at least half of that to the a$$hole factor.  For every 100 people you know, at least one of them is an ass.  So it makes sense that at least 1% of the population, half the welfare population, are just abusing it because they are lazy jerks.  The other half might just have gotten screwed over in life for a little bit.  The best thing they can do in that situation is get educated and get a better job down the road.  Growing up, my household may have needed government assistance, but I went to a nice little state school, got a good job and have definitely repaid in taxes many times more than the $7,000 a year that the average family of 3 with dependent children got back in 1992 (it hasn’t increased that much since 92 either).

Percent of Americans on Welfare

2: Labor in America is a touchy issue.  This is mostly due to unions.  The truth of the matter is that we shouldn’t want to be the best at dumb jobs.  Think of the adage “Work Smarter NOT Harder”.  We want to work with smart machines that do the job of 100 and intangibles like finances.  We work smarter and longer than most countries (we are #9 for GDP per Person).  For a nation we are #1 (Unless you count the EU as a nation).  We are actually 3 times bigger than #2.  The US accounts for over 27% of the world’s GDP.

GDP per CapitaTotal GDP

3: Have we lost some of economical advantages?  Yes, perhaps even the majority of them.  However there is still a ton of economical advantages.  There is absolutely no reason why somebody can not go to school.  If you’re too poor, state schools are basically free.  There are loans otherwise.  This lazy, work smarter not harder mentality is a good thing.  We don’t want to be the ones that work 16 hours a day driving a cab.  We don’t want to make pennies an hour assembling toys.  We don’t want to die in our late 20′s from toxic chemicals from dismantling old tankers.  If we are fat, it’s because we’re too busy thinking (other than the 1% that are just a-holes that is).

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