Adwords and Azoogle Step by Step

So lets find an offer on Azoogle and start promoting it.  I’ll try going through different strategies and even spend a couple hundred bucks on AdWords to promote it to see if we can make money off of it.  The key factor here is that I am not going to hide keyword lists, ads or stats.  Here are the first 2 steps.


1. Find a product (or service) from Azoogle.
2. Create an Adwords campaign for the Azoogle product.


Now note, we will have at least 3 ad groups to start.

The first ad Group will be a direct to offer ad group that will be mainly targeted at the content network.

The next ad group will have a landing page(s) at Jay  This group will be content only.

The 3rd ad group will be just like the second but only be for the search network.


So I am now taking ideas for niche/products.  Please comment to suggest one.

6 thoughts on “Adwords and Azoogle Step by Step”

  1. Iam not part of Azoogle yet, I am currently using NeverBlue Ads.

    I just apply to Azoogle thru you.. waiting for response from them.

    This is an example of my Landing Page for a popular domain name I own ..

    tell me what you think

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