So I added an add through NeverBlue ads last Monday for to my Favorites website.  I haven’t been making any money with NeverBlue  this month after getting PWNED by Google last month.  I have a pretty high click through rate (over 8%) but ZERO conversions.  Here are my stats for all of NeverBlue for Favorite Part. Affiliate

Nearly 10,000 impressions, over 800 clicks 0 conversions!  WTF?  I don’t think this is a tracking thing.  I think that converting for’s offer is krap.  You are supposed to get paid a $1.85 when the visitor uploads a picture.  I am kind of surprised that not one conversion happened.  NeverBlue shows that the average CPC (Cost per click) is $0.283.

8 thoughts on “WTF”

  1. I think NeverBlue Ads are repping people off
    , I have also received several click and no conversions.

    A Friend of mine , he clicked on one of my leads from Neverblue and complete the payout requirements using a diffrent IP address
    and No conversion was made. so I think theres some thing wrong

  2. Hi Ruck. Thanks for the comment. This is the part of the message from Tina at NeverBlue that concerns the ad.

    “Hi Jason,

    That is pretty odd that you have had so many clicks on but no conversion at all. I did check our stats and seems like all other affiliates are tracking the offer just fine, so maybe the campaign just doesn’t mash well with your site demographic? …”.

    If it didn’t mesh well then it wouldn’t have gotten so many clicks. I’d bet the tracking is just hosed on the offer.

  3. I was considering this offer but decided that it’s EPC is too low for me.

    BTW, al your other offers in your report show 0 conversions, so maybe it’s not the offer but your site?

  4. Look at the CTR on those pages. is the only one with a tangible CTR. It’s a very GOOD ctr too (8%). I did get a little more info here through a different source. It seems’s upload interface doesn’t always work. Oh well, off to the next big thing.

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