19% Click Through Rate

I am starting to look at my Kontera stats. The past couple of days have broken down like this.

Impressions: 906
Clicks: 173
Click Through Rate: 19.09%

WHAT??  19+%!!!!  Have I gotten any conversions?  Yes, a couple.  Is it worth it?  I’m not sure if I’m going to make money, but I’m definitely not going to lose $1,000.

I still don’t care for their reporting
I can’t see what my ads look like much less alter them
I can’t test out multiple ads
I don’t know which keywords are performing best

I could see Kontera being my ad network of choice if they added to their interface.  I still highly recommend testing them out but it’s a bunch more work than AdWords.  I’ll see if I can get a coupon for my readers.

2 thoughts on “19% Click Through Rate”

  1. I don’t believe so. The reason for this is because the advertiser’s conversions will go down if it opens in a new window. If you make a lot of money for Kontera you may be able to negotiate this but still it would be very doubtful. Sorry for the bad news. I would prefer ads to open in a new window myself because I don’t want them to leave my site. If they already clicked one ad, they are more likely to click a second.

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