$1,000 Kontera Experiment

Kontera is an advertiser.  They basically replace non-linked keywords on pages with ad links.  I’m not sure what I can discuss and what I can’t.  So I may be taking this post down if Kontera yells at me.

Basically I gave Kontera a topic and said I would be interested in a $1,000 test if I could get clicks for $.25.  They gave me a list of keywords and I agreed.  There was a little back in forth and delays and such but I finally just faxed back their IO a few minutes ago.  IO stands for Insertion Order.

This could make me a lot of money or I could lose a grand.  I like the way Kontera’s ads are implemented but here are my issues with them.

1. They don’t have an online application to manage my campaigns.  Everything is done manually.

2. Reporting, I don’t know which keywords are getting clicked and I don’t know which site they are coming from.  This ties in with number 1 because I would pay more for certain keywords.

3. It takes up to 72 hours to stop a badly performing campaign.  I’m sure it will be sooner once I give a stop order (if I do) but even a few hours is wasted money once you realize that the campaign is a loser.

If Kontera switched to a keyword bidding system like AdWords I would be ALL over them.  Also, they need to streamline their process more to let more little publishers in like AdSense does.

I will keep you posted on outcome!

One thought on “$1,000 Kontera Experiment”

  1. Hi Jay,

    My name is Vered and I’m from Kontera.

    I have no intention to yell :). Just wanted to mention that though we may not have a complete “self-serve” ad center at this point, you should be able to see the data you require within the reporting system.

    If you contact your Kontera Account Manager he/she will be able to address any problem you may have encountered.

    Publisher Services Manager

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