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Stuart over at Earners Blog came up with an interesting strategy. He is posting lists of keywords that he has gotten from WordZe. I’ll make the same list and maybe a new guy will find the process helpful.

My keywords are going to be about the “Claw Game“.  This is because my blog already ranks #6 for this in Google because of my post on how to beat the claw game.

So first I am going to go to Google’s AdWords Tool.  This one is the external one that is open to anybody.

Sorted by Average Search Volume I came up with these just by looking for “Claw Game”.

the claw electronic arcade game
claw game controller
claw game toys
the claw mini arcade game
games the claw
claw mini arcade game
the claw crane game
candy claw arcade game
the claw machine game
claw games
real life claw game
claw crane game
the claw tabletop arcade game
mini claw games
win claw game
carnival claw game
lobster claw game
claw game for sale
claw video game
the claw arcade game
the claw game
claw electronic tabletop arcade game
claw crane arcade game
tabletop claw game
life claw game
online claw machine game
home claw game
miniature claw games
captain claw game
the claw candy grabber arcade game
claw machine games online
gold miner claw game
claw computer game
claw vending game
play the claw game
electronic claw game
claw pc game
claw game
how to win at a claw game
claw machine game
toy claw game
win the claw game
captain claw game download
claw game download
captain claw pc game
claw flash game
online claw games
claw tabletop arcade game
robo claw game
candy claw game
mini claw game
claw electronic arcade game
sweet machine claw game
win at a claw game
play claw game
grab it claw game
the claw electronic tabletop arcade game
big claw games
how to win at the claw game
claw machine arcade game
virtual claw game
claw machine games
internet claw game
claw grabber game
claw arcade games
the claw pc game
claw grab game
the claw candy game
claw arcade game
online claw game
skill claw games
claw game for kids

This isn’t bad.  If I was branding a product I would definitely want to add negative keywords based on my product.  If I was selling home claw games that people would put in their home bars I would probably not want claw computer games, so I would add “-internet”, “-flash”, “-software”, “-candy”, “-online”, “-virtual”, “-pc”, “-video”, “-computer”, etc…

However, the claw game is also known as the “Crane Game”.  Here are those keywords.

free crane games
how to win at the crane game
carnival crane game
crane game for sale
animal crane games
the claw crane game
mr klaw skill crane game
lobster crane game
online crane games
claw crane game
crane with pellets game
kids crane game
how to win crane games
stuffed animal crane game
crane simulator game
crane game free shipping
crane game strategy
claw crane arcade game
crane game toys
crane video game
grab it the crane game
cranes games
skill crane game
crane game in murderworld
mini crane game
animal crane game
flash crane game
where is crane game in ultimate alliance
where is crane game
cranes game
where is the crane game
electronic crane game
crane game refill
crane game secrets
used crane games
miniature crane game
crane game
mini crane games
crane game prizes
crane machine games
online crane game
toy crane game
take 5 crane game
the grab machine crane game
kid stuck in crane game
crane game in murder world
crane simulator games
buy crane game
crane arcade games
prize crane game
plush crane game
beat the crane game
play crane game
arcade crane game
grabit the crane game
mini arcade crane game
home crane game
crane machine game
internet crane game
play crane games
stuck in crane game
grab it crane game
skill crane games
marvel ultimate alliance crane game
grab machine crane game
crane games for sale
mini crane machine game
sweet machine crane game
the crane game
tabletop crane game
a crane game
crane game for kids
arcade style crane game
online crane machine game
crane game machines
ultimate alliance crane game
candy crane game
crane pond state game area
crane game tips
kids toy crane game
cheap crane games
crane games
win crane games
klaw skill crane game
virtual crane game
table top crane game
used crane game
toy crane games
grab crane game

This gives us more options.  Maybe we don’t want “toy”, “crane pond”, “murderworld” or others.  By looking at this list we can see that sometimes the game is called “Klaw” or “Grabit”.  After searching just a little bit online some people call it “Players Choice” and “Redemption Game”.  Maybe I could go after some of those keywords as well.

The way I would proceed with this is add all of these keywords to 3 different ad groups.  1 for Broad, 1 for Phrase and 1 for Exact.  I would then see which ones perform better after getting at least 100-200 clicks each.  Then I would break out those high performing keywords into their own ad groups and make sure the ads are targeted exactly for those.

There are more ways to find keywords but Google’s tool is a good start.

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