Adwords Flaw Exposed

Ok, Favorite Part is up to #3 in Google for “Favorite“.  The #1 and #2 favorite site is WikiPedia.  Can I compete?  Can I kill the giant?  Probably not.  WikiPedia is just TOO huge but we will see.

So why is AdWords flawed?  Well I just created a favorite campaign in AdWords just for giggles.  Here’s the ad I created.

favorite ad

Yeah, I know it’s a bit unclear.  I was just going for something simple thinking that I could get cheap clicks.  Here are my estimates for (favorite, “favorite” and [favorite]).

favorite costs

I’m the #3 search result but it costs me $5.00 or more to get a click?  Are you serious Google?  My quality score should be through the roof.

Fix your Quality Score Google!

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