I just Paid $43,000

So I went and paid off all of my credit cards that I have been using to advertise and the last of my debt as well.

$26,000 BAMMO!  GONE!!!

Now to get ready for tax time I opened up an online HSBC Direct savings account.  I just sent them $17,000.  KAPOW!!!!

The good news?  Azoogle Ads has gotten me completely out of debt.  My big earners are gone and I’m searching for some new ones and hopefully Google will fall back in love with me.  I thought paying them nearly $21,000 in one month would have been enough to ensure their love.


Google’s like a super expensive girl that won’t give er up!


However congratulate me on paying off all my $18,000 in credit card debt and having a whole bunch of fun while doing it.


See you at Pub Con!

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