October Affiliate Earnings

After last month I estimated my earnings for this month to be around $6,000.  That is because a major offer that I was promoting ended.

Here is my previous earnings.



So how did October break down?

Google: $20,996.38
Yahoo: $2,142.08
Total: $23,138.46

CPA Empire: $814.50
Never Blue Ads: $1441.00
Azoogle: $44,223.76

Total: $46,479.26

So that means I actually earned $23,340.80!

That is way over the $6,000 that I thought I would be making.  Why such the huge difference?  Well, when my #1 offer failed I took the time to look at my other offers.  I examined the statistics and made changes.  My costs are WAY up.  I am still making hundreds a day, but lately my profit has dropped to about 1/3 of whatever I spend.

It’s time to re-examine things yet again and push forward.

Seriously though, next month isn’t going to be like this month UNLESS I change things yet again.

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