19% Click Through Rate

I am starting to look at my Kontera stats. The past couple of days have broken down like this.

Impressions: 906
Clicks: 173
Click Through Rate: 19.09%

WHAT??  19+%!!!!  Have I gotten any conversions?  Yes, a couple.  Is it worth it?  I’m not sure if I’m going to make money, but I’m definitely not going to lose $1,000.

I still don’t care for their reporting
I can’t see what my ads look like much less alter them
I can’t test out multiple ads
I don’t know which keywords are performing best

I could see Kontera being my ad network of choice if they added to their interface.  I still highly recommend testing them out but it’s a bunch more work than AdWords.  I’ll see if I can get a coupon for my readers.

Vote Vader in ’08

Had enough of traditional politicians? Even the best of them can be intimidated by the likes of the hippie tree huggers. The kind of tough, uncompromising leadership that the Free World requires likely only exists in a land long long ago and far far away.

vaderusa Enter your favorite dark Sith, Lord Vader. It is impossible to imagine Lord Vader bending over backwards to a pipsqueak like anti-war protestors. Rather if these dirty-yuppies, as I like to think of them, keep trying to get us to drive hybrids, wear petrulli oil and hold hands, Lord Vader would simply use the Force to constrict his windpipe and achieve what had hitherto been considered impossible: he’d shut him up.

Based on the evidence provided by the historical archives (Star Wars episodes IV – VI) we can further extrapolate the benefits of a Vader Presidency:

* Total Commitment in the War on Rebels Terror – we can presume from the destruction of Alderaan, and the elimination of the Rebel Terror base on Hoth, that Lord Vader would take an aggressive approach to rebels terrorists. Rebel Terrorist bases would be totally destroyed, and the military might get to use those really cool Imperial walkers stealth bombers in the process. Captured rebels terrorists could expect to have their veins shot up with truth serum by sinister looking droids Dick Cheney. And no matter where Yoda racially profiled suspects were hiding, Lord Vader could use the power of the Force to strangle the truth out of them.

* Smaller Government – our future president, Mr. Vader, would take the bold step of eliminating the Senate broadening the Patriot Act, and thus remove layer of expensive bureaucracy.

* Reduced Taxation – no one in the Galactic Empire United States is seen filling out forms for an Interstellar IRS. Besides, given Lord Vader’s impatience in getting a Death Star leading GDP built, he’d likely be so irritated by tax officers’ incompetence, he’d lightsaber fire the lot.

* Ethical Use of Biotechnology – biotechnology in a Vader administration would only likely be used to produce clone warriors rather than create replacement body parts.  Lord Vader has always chosen cybernetics to stem cell treatments thus indicating a higher level of ethics.

* Strong Defense – cloned warriors would only be used when the terror level is at or above orange.  This would solve the problem of military recruitment, and furthermore, research wouldn’t stop until they’d developed a weapon to blow up a planet Al Qaeda. It’s unlikely rebels terrorists would be inclined to mess with a President Vader.

The choice is clear.  VADER ’08

$1,000 Kontera Experiment

Kontera is an advertiser.  They basically replace non-linked keywords on pages with ad links.  I’m not sure what I can discuss and what I can’t.  So I may be taking this post down if Kontera yells at me.

Basically I gave Kontera a topic and said I would be interested in a $1,000 test if I could get clicks for $.25.  They gave me a list of keywords and I agreed.  There was a little back in forth and delays and such but I finally just faxed back their IO a few minutes ago.  IO stands for Insertion Order.

This could make me a lot of money or I could lose a grand.  I like the way Kontera’s ads are implemented but here are my issues with them.

1. They don’t have an online application to manage my campaigns.  Everything is done manually.

2. Reporting, I don’t know which keywords are getting clicked and I don’t know which site they are coming from.  This ties in with number 1 because I would pay more for certain keywords.

3. It takes up to 72 hours to stop a badly performing campaign.  I’m sure it will be sooner once I give a stop order (if I do) but even a few hours is wasted money once you realize that the campaign is a loser.

If Kontera switched to a keyword bidding system like AdWords I would be ALL over them.  Also, they need to streamline their process more to let more little publishers in like AdSense does.

I will keep you posted on outcome!

Adwords Flaw Exposed

Ok, Favorite Part is up to #3 in Google for “Favorite“.  The #1 and #2 favorite site is WikiPedia.  Can I compete?  Can I kill the giant?  Probably not.  WikiPedia is just TOO huge but we will see.

So why is AdWords flawed?  Well I just created a favorite campaign in AdWords just for giggles.  Here’s the ad I created.

favorite ad

Yeah, I know it’s a bit unclear.  I was just going for something simple thinking that I could get cheap clicks.  Here are my estimates for (favorite, “favorite” and [favorite]).

favorite costs

I’m the #3 search result but it costs me $5.00 or more to get a click?  Are you serious Google?  My quality score should be through the roof.

Fix your Quality Score Google!

How to Find Keywords

Stuart over at Earners Blog came up with an interesting strategy. He is posting lists of keywords that he has gotten from WordZe. I’ll make the same list and maybe a new guy will find the process helpful.

My keywords are going to be about the “Claw Game“.  This is because my blog already ranks #6 for this in Google because of my post on how to beat the claw game.

So first I am going to go to Google’s AdWords Tool.  This one is the external one that is open to anybody.

Sorted by Average Search Volume I came up with these just by looking for “Claw Game”.

the claw electronic arcade game
claw game controller
claw game toys
the claw mini arcade game
games the claw
claw mini arcade game
the claw crane game
candy claw arcade game
the claw machine game
claw games
real life claw game
claw crane game
the claw tabletop arcade game
mini claw games
win claw game
carnival claw game
lobster claw game
claw game for sale
claw video game
the claw arcade game
the claw game
claw electronic tabletop arcade game
claw crane arcade game
tabletop claw game
life claw game
online claw machine game
home claw game
miniature claw games
captain claw game
the claw candy grabber arcade game
claw machine games online
gold miner claw game
claw computer game
claw vending game
play the claw game
electronic claw game
claw pc game
claw game
how to win at a claw game
claw machine game
toy claw game
win the claw game
captain claw game download
claw game download
captain claw pc game
claw flash game
online claw games
claw tabletop arcade game
robo claw game
candy claw game
mini claw game
claw electronic arcade game
sweet machine claw game
win at a claw game
play claw game
grab it claw game
the claw electronic tabletop arcade game
big claw games
how to win at the claw game
claw machine arcade game
virtual claw game
claw machine games
internet claw game
claw grabber game
claw arcade games
the claw pc game
claw grab game
the claw candy game
claw arcade game
online claw game
skill claw games
claw game for kids

This isn’t bad.  If I was branding a product I would definitely want to add negative keywords based on my product.  If I was selling home claw games that people would put in their home bars I would probably not want claw computer games, so I would add “-internet”, “-flash”, “-software”, “-candy”, “-online”, “-virtual”, “-pc”, “-video”, “-computer”, etc…

However, the claw game is also known as the “Crane Game”.  Here are those keywords.

free crane games
how to win at the crane game
carnival crane game
crane game for sale
animal crane games
the claw crane game
mr klaw skill crane game
lobster crane game
online crane games
claw crane game
crane with pellets game
kids crane game
how to win crane games
stuffed animal crane game
crane simulator game
crane game free shipping
crane game strategy
claw crane arcade game
crane game toys
crane video game
grab it the crane game
cranes games
skill crane game
crane game in murderworld
mini crane game
animal crane game
flash crane game
where is crane game in ultimate alliance
where is crane game
cranes game
where is the crane game
electronic crane game
crane game refill
crane game secrets
used crane games
miniature crane game
crane game
mini crane games
crane game prizes
crane machine games
online crane game
toy crane game
take 5 crane game
the grab machine crane game
kid stuck in crane game
crane game in murder world
crane simulator games
buy crane game
crane arcade games
prize crane game
plush crane game
beat the crane game
play crane game
arcade crane game
grabit the crane game
mini arcade crane game
home crane game
crane machine game
internet crane game
play crane games
stuck in crane game
grab it crane game
skill crane games
marvel ultimate alliance crane game
grab machine crane game
crane games for sale
mini crane machine game
sweet machine crane game
the crane game
tabletop crane game
a crane game
crane game for kids
arcade style crane game
online crane machine game
crane game machines
ultimate alliance crane game
candy crane game
crane pond state game area
crane game tips
kids toy crane game
cheap crane games
crane games
win crane games
klaw skill crane game
virtual crane game
table top crane game
used crane game
toy crane games
grab crane game

This gives us more options.  Maybe we don’t want “toy”, “crane pond”, “murderworld” or others.  By looking at this list we can see that sometimes the game is called “Klaw” or “Grabit”.  After searching just a little bit online some people call it “Players Choice” and “Redemption Game”.  Maybe I could go after some of those keywords as well.

The way I would proceed with this is add all of these keywords to 3 different ad groups.  1 for Broad, 1 for Phrase and 1 for Exact.  I would then see which ones perform better after getting at least 100-200 clicks each.  Then I would break out those high performing keywords into their own ad groups and make sure the ads are targeted exactly for those.

There are more ways to find keywords but Google’s tool is a good start.

Indestructable Camera

I recently bought this camera..

It’s good and pretty comparable to most cameras except that it’s indestructable! It’s waterproof, shockproof (droppable), freezeproof, dustproof and pressure proof.

Seeing as how I’ll get an SLR if I want to take professional pictures, this one is pefect to take out on the town, bars, camping, canoeing or mud wrestling.

2007 Best Advertiser

Background: I don’t really like Apple.  I love the way they put their products together, but I hate the propiataryness (not a real word) of them.  I would get an iPhone if I didn’t have to use iTunes.  Maybe I just hate iTunes but nowadays that means you hate Apple too.

So this was originally posted by John Chow but it deserves reposting.

This is just one example of why Apple’s advertising rocks!

Windows Live Writer and WordPress

I was using a new WordPress theme, had recently updated Live Writer and also updated to the latest WordPress code.  I then started getting an error "The weblog account could not be accessed using the specified username and password"…

I was scrambling all over.  Then after looking in my event logs I came to realize my theme had my EditURI hardcoded.

To fix this open up your header.php file.  Your "EditURI" link should look like the following.

<link rel="EditURI" type="application/rsd+xml" title="RSD" href="<?php bloginfo(‘url’); ?>/xmlrpc.php?rsd" />

I just Paid $43,000

So I went and paid off all of my credit cards that I have been using to advertise and the last of my debt as well.

$26,000 BAMMO!  GONE!!!

Now to get ready for tax time I opened up an online HSBC Direct savings account.  I just sent them $17,000.  KAPOW!!!!

The good news?  Azoogle Ads has gotten me completely out of debt.  My big earners are gone and I’m searching for some new ones and hopefully Google will fall back in love with me.  I thought paying them nearly $21,000 in one month would have been enough to ensure their love.


Google’s like a super expensive girl that won’t give er up!


However congratulate me on paying off all my $18,000 in credit card debt and having a whole bunch of fun while doing it.


See you at Pub Con!