Party Like a Search Engine Rockstar

Here are my reasons why I should win the “Party Like a Search Engine Rockstar” contest.

The Reasons Why I want to go! (skip these boring reasons and go down to the other list)

1. I turn 30 this coming Monday the 29th.  I need this.
2. I’ve recently been able to make some Search Engine Rockstar Money and need to hob-nob with complete search engine rockstars.
3. Last time I was in Vegas I was 13 years old.  I was visiting my super religious family that actually went there to watch the G-Rated entertainment.  Circus-Circus, white tigers etc…  I owe Vegas a really visit.

The Reasons why the other rockstars want me there.

 1.  Human Shield – I am 5’11″ and 230 pounds.  I can curl 135 pounds and am way over due for a beating.  If the Search Engine Paprazzi act up and start swinging I can take a beating better than Homer Simpson.

2. I just turned 30 and have something to prove. 

3. Partying like a rockstar on the weekends and especially on out of town trips is what I live for.  Imagine Frank the Tank out with you.  I can easily ratchet up my normal “Rockstar Partiness” to “Search Engine Rockstar Partiness”.
4. I can beat ShoeMoney in thumb-wrestling.

5. I’ll take the fall if the cops get involved.
6. I have been in beerfest training.  See video below.  I am the last guy to go on the right.  I am wearing the dark green polo.

WARNING: Excessive use of the ‘F’ word, but in a fun way which makes it ok.

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