I May Hate Dell

Ever since College (and during) I have always had people come to me and ask me to build them a computer.  In the very beginning I actually did this.  It “QUICKLY” became apparent that this was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

For years after I told everybody to “Get a Dell”.  Now I am not so certain.

I recently learned that you can deduct the full expense of a computer from your taxes so I opted to buy a Dell Vostro with a 24 inch monitor.  Well, the monitor came and it didn’t work.  I guess they don’t quality check their stuff.

Now after talking to Dell 4 times and sending 1 email that never got responded to I am “supposed” to be getting a working monitor tomorrow.  This is almost a month after I ordered it.

So consider Lenovo for your next purchase.

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