Best Marketing Example EVER!

Take a look at this image.


SweetSpot is a feminine hygeine product for, um, their sweet spot!  The site is  Take a look around.  It is by far the BEST way to market this product (or perhaps any).  Just by looking at their logo (2 lines and a triangle) you instantaneously know what their product is for.  Personally, any girlfriend I ever have in the future should use SweetSpot.  Even though very well known Massingill makes an “Intimate Wash”, I want “SweetSpot”.  It sounds better!

Guy 1: My Girl uses SweetSpot, it’s awesome!
Guy 2: Mine doesn’t, I am looking for a new girl/wife/etc…

If you want to know how to market a product, you need to look at this site!

If only they had an affiliate program! :(

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