$1,800 in one day

If you are looking to get started making money through affiliate marketting, I recommend reading this PPC Marketing Guide.  Also sign up with the affiliates I’ve listed below.


Yesterday I spent a whopping $946.05 advertising.  Here’s the money I made broken down.

Hydra: $18.50
CPA Empire: $67.50
Never Blue Ads: $144.00
Azoogle: $2,602.00

Total: $2,832.00

Earnings were $1,885.95

I will even post my daily breakdown here.  The reason I hide the clicks, EPC, etc… is because I don’t want others advertising the same thing that I do.  Sorry guys!

daily earnings

You will notice that 8th I had NEGATIVE LEADS!!!  Well, this is because I agreed to a private offer that has chargebacks.  Be EXTREMELY careful when you accept these.  In my case I had a rate of almost 50% cancellations.  I have since slowed my promotion of that offer WAY DOWN.  I lost several hundreds of dollars that day but am still way up for the month.

Also of note is the 10th.  An offer was paused so I paused the offer on my side.  However I PAUSED THE WRONG ONE!  That potentially lost me about $500-600.

So the moral of the story is…
1. Be careful of offers with chargebacks.
2. Test ALL changes that you make to your offers/sites/advertising.

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