Breaking My Profit Record

Ok guys.  I recently had one offer end.  I wrote about that a bit previously.  I was making anywhere from $500-800 a day from that offer.  It was my baby, my cash cow, my little darling.  It ended and I was seriously bummed.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever but hey, I moved on.

I had another couple offers going as well that were making me $100 a day or so.  After my big deal ended I took a long hard look at my deals and ramped them up.  I stopped a few things that weren’t working and copied/tweaked a few things that were.

I previously thought I would make about $6,000 profit (before taxes) this month.

My deals also happen to do much better on the weekends and evenings.

So…  yesterday I spent $647.03 and AdWords.

Here’s my revenue… (click on any amount to sign up for that service).

Hydra: $2.75
Never Blue Ads: $58.25
CPA Empire: $67.50
Azoogle: $1,878.90

Total: $2007.40


Profit (before taxes as always) $1,360.37

I do have server costs but permanent ads and AdSense alway more than cover those.

2 thoughts on “Breaking My Profit Record”

  1. hey Jay, if BlueLithium’s affiliate network offered referral bonuses, would you give us a try? Also, I’m so curious to know which offers you’re promoting – ringtones?

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