Party Like a Search Engine Rockstar

Here are my reasons why I should win the “Party Like a Search Engine Rockstar” contest.

The Reasons Why I want to go! (skip these boring reasons and go down to the other list)

1. I turn 30 this coming Monday the 29th.  I need this.
2. I’ve recently been able to make some Search Engine Rockstar Money and need to hob-nob with complete search engine rockstars.
3. Last time I was in Vegas I was 13 years old.  I was visiting my super religious family that actually went there to watch the G-Rated entertainment.  Circus-Circus, white tigers etc…  I owe Vegas a really visit.

The Reasons why the other rockstars want me there.

 1.  Human Shield – I am 5’11″ and 230 pounds.  I can curl 135 pounds and am way over due for a beating.  If the Search Engine Paprazzi act up and start swinging I can take a beating better than Homer Simpson.

2. I just turned 30 and have something to prove. 

3. Partying like a rockstar on the weekends and especially on out of town trips is what I live for.  Imagine Frank the Tank out with you.  I can easily ratchet up my normal “Rockstar Partiness” to “Search Engine Rockstar Partiness”.
4. I can beat ShoeMoney in thumb-wrestling.

5. I’ll take the fall if the cops get involved.
6. I have been in beerfest training.  See video below.  I am the last guy to go on the right.  I am wearing the dark green polo.

WARNING: Excessive use of the ‘F’ word, but in a fun way which makes it ok.

Get $5 Pay Pal by Geiger Linking

I am still not the #1 Geiger.  So because of this I am going to give anybody who links to me in a blog post and uses the word “Geiger” $5!  The only catch is that your site needs to have some PR.  PR1 is fine.  I expect you to keep the post up so my Geiger experiment stays valid.

Be part of Geiger history!

Just leave a comment here or use the contact page to let me know you posted about me.

I will spend up to 100 AT LEAST.  So if you have multiple PR blogs here’s your chance.  Hey, starving college kids.  I’m looking in your direction!

I May Hate Dell

Ever since College (and during) I have always had people come to me and ask me to build them a computer.  In the very beginning I actually did this.  It “QUICKLY” became apparent that this was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

For years after I told everybody to “Get a Dell”.  Now I am not so certain.

I recently learned that you can deduct the full expense of a computer from your taxes so I opted to buy a Dell Vostro with a 24 inch monitor.  Well, the monitor came and it didn’t work.  I guess they don’t quality check their stuff.

Now after talking to Dell 4 times and sending 1 email that never got responded to I am “supposed” to be getting a working monitor tomorrow.  This is almost a month after I ordered it.

So consider Lenovo for your next purchase.

Magic Yahoo 4%

Have you tried using Yahoo Search Marketing lately?  I always disliked it in the past.  It never performed very well for me.

Now I may be changing my tune.  It all depends on 4%.  If you have at least a 4% clickthrough rate your quality score will be pretty good.

So keep this in mind when you are writing your ads.  You have to write them to get a high CTR (clickthrough rate) and a high conversion rate.

Free 2 day shipping

Here’s a little trick (and my good deed of the week) to get yourself 2 day shipping for free or overnight shipping for $3.99.

Step 1. Sign up for Amazon Prime using this link. free amazon shipping link
Step 2. Order your stuff.
Step 3. Cancel Amazon Prime in less than a month.


Now what’s the catch?  Well, there’s 2 catches.
1. You need to enter your credit card.
2. You need to cancel you Amazon prime in less than 30 days or get charged $79.

Now that seems easy doesn’t it!?  Well, it’s hard to say no to free 2 day shipping for a year while at the same time not paying sales tax for anything you order from them.  A lot of people are also too lazy to cancel.

However, if you’re a starving student trying to get a package/gift/whatever someplace super fast, or if you’re just frugal, this plan is awesome!


For the record though, I am keeping Amazon Prime.

Google and Firefox Anger Me

What the heck is up with this error?

First I get this…

Then I get this

The text says…

We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we’ll see you again on Google.

My computer is fine, this error does not come up in IE7.  WTF Google, you’ve driven me straight into Steve Ballmer’s arms.

Best Marketing Example EVER!

Take a look at this image.


SweetSpot is a feminine hygeine product for, um, their sweet spot!  The site is  Take a look around.  It is by far the BEST way to market this product (or perhaps any).  Just by looking at their logo (2 lines and a triangle) you instantaneously know what their product is for.  Personally, any girlfriend I ever have in the future should use SweetSpot.  Even though very well known Massingill makes an “Intimate Wash”, I want “SweetSpot”.  It sounds better!

Guy 1: My Girl uses SweetSpot, it’s awesome!
Guy 2: Mine doesn’t, I am looking for a new girl/wife/etc…

If you want to know how to market a product, you need to look at this site!

If only they had an affiliate program! :(

$1,800 in one day

If you are looking to get started making money through affiliate marketting, I recommend reading this PPC Marketing Guide.  Also sign up with the affiliates I’ve listed below.


Yesterday I spent a whopping $946.05 advertising.  Here’s the money I made broken down.

Hydra: $18.50
CPA Empire: $67.50
Never Blue Ads: $144.00
Azoogle: $2,602.00

Total: $2,832.00

Earnings were $1,885.95

I will even post my daily breakdown here.  The reason I hide the clicks, EPC, etc… is because I don’t want others advertising the same thing that I do.  Sorry guys!

daily earnings

You will notice that 8th I had NEGATIVE LEADS!!!  Well, this is because I agreed to a private offer that has chargebacks.  Be EXTREMELY careful when you accept these.  In my case I had a rate of almost 50% cancellations.  I have since slowed my promotion of that offer WAY DOWN.  I lost several hundreds of dollars that day but am still way up for the month.

Also of note is the 10th.  An offer was paused so I paused the offer on my side.  However I PAUSED THE WRONG ONE!  That potentially lost me about $500-600.

So the moral of the story is…
1. Be careful of offers with chargebacks.
2. Test ALL changes that you make to your offers/sites/advertising.

Breaking My Profit Record

Ok guys.  I recently had one offer end.  I wrote about that a bit previously.  I was making anywhere from $500-800 a day from that offer.  It was my baby, my cash cow, my little darling.  It ended and I was seriously bummed.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever but hey, I moved on.

I had another couple offers going as well that were making me $100 a day or so.  After my big deal ended I took a long hard look at my deals and ramped them up.  I stopped a few things that weren’t working and copied/tweaked a few things that were.

I previously thought I would make about $6,000 profit (before taxes) this month.

My deals also happen to do much better on the weekends and evenings.

So…  yesterday I spent $647.03 and AdWords.

Here’s my revenue… (click on any amount to sign up for that service).

Hydra: $2.75
Never Blue Ads: $58.25
CPA Empire: $67.50
Azoogle: $1,878.90

Total: $2007.40


Profit (before taxes as always) $1,360.37

I do have server costs but permanent ads and AdSense alway more than cover those.

September Affiliate Earnings

First the Expenses

Google: $12,094.44
Yahoo: $450.41
MSN: $31.74
John Chow: $200.00

TOTAL: $12,576.59

Why such the difference in costs?  Google is the best.  They have the biggest content network, biggest search network and the EASIEST interface.  I hate Yahoo and MSN’s.  I have paused all of my campaigns with the other 2 because they annoy me.  The advertising with John Chow was just a test and just for fun.


Azoogle: $25,483.81
NeverBlueAds: $1,014.00
Hydra: $56.75
CPA Empire: $112.50
CJ: $399.68

TOTAL: $27,066.74

Profit: $14,490.15

(fyi: My first job out of college started at $28,000 per year)


Now keep in mind for next month folks is that my main offer ended.  I expect only about $6,000 in profit next month.  Still though, it’s pretty good.

Now is a good time to by that new PC and 24 inch monitor that I’ve been looking at.