Ad Flipped for $50

So the ad flip is complete.  I sold the rest of september on ebay for just over $50.

So I made $23 from nice people entering their zipcodes and $51 from selling the ad on eBay.

I also got 525 visits to the page of which a good number came to visit my blog.  I may also have gotten 5-10 people to sign-up under my Azoogle affiliate id.  This is hard to judge right now because Azoogle is being pretty slow about approving them.

So I lost about $130 but I would still say that it was a succesful ad flip.  If I would have catered more to my visitors or put the zip form in an iframe below the ad I think I could have made a lot more money.  Or of course if I would have done something more with the John Chow visitors.

Overall I think I got 10 new subscribers to my RSS feed because of this as well.  All in all I think the 5 or so new referrals might be worth the most.  I got a couple good people signed up and soon as they are approved I will be making 2% of whatever they earn (taken from Azoogle’s side, not theirs).  So they collectively need to bring $6,500 for me to recoup the $130 loss.  I think this will happen sometime, and while I wait I can point out that I flipped the ad (even though for a loss) even though John Chow told me not to! :p

Stay evil people!

WTF Windows?

So, I didn’t realize that my server for kept on screwing up the time.  I think this is the reason I haven’t been getting any contact information from my contact form.  I forward all mail to my gmail account and I think gmail was rejecting mails from because my time was off.

I remember something similar to this in the past.  I disabled “Internet Time” so hopefully it will keep accurate time from now on!

I just replied to 5 or 6 emails I got.  Sorry for the delay guys.  Gmail thought you were spam.

Ad Flipping in 3 Days

I told everybody I was going to flip my ad.  I don’t think that anybody believed me.

The catch here is that I may loose money on it.  It’s a good opportunity for you to make some money off of me though!

Here’s the EBay Auction…


I started the bid at $1 with no reserve.  I would have made it a 2 day auction if I could but that wasn’t an option.  (Darn you EBAY!)


If nobody buys this for $1, you are crazy.  Simply redirect it to a “I’m pitiful please help me page” and you should would make money on it!


(Here’s where I put my shameless plug)
Now if you aren’t signed up for Azoogle Ads yet, and need something to promote on your “I’m pitiful please help me” page, then use this awesome AZOOGLE AFFILIATE LINK and I will try to push you through.  Even with me pushing it could still take several weekdays.  Just ask my new friend Ryan.  Unfortunately the people who do the actual approving (ie. Accounting) aren’t commision based.  Accounting people always have it rough compared to everybody else (except IT workers of course).  They aren’t commision based and people only talk to them when they need something.

Azoogle August Earnings

So, last month I posted my Big News.  The big news was that I personally made $2,400 online through just Azoogle Ads.  My revenue was $3,423 and my advertising costs were $1,106.

I then followed up that post with a post called Best Week.  There I showed that in just one week I brought in more than I did for the previous month.  The even better news was that I was even more profitable (at the time).

So how did Azoogle treat me for August?  Not to shabby!  My total costs where $8,809.45.  I was able to bring in $20,100.64.  So that means that I made $11,291.19 in profit.  I could have made an extra $1,000 but I have been trying out different deals.

Stay tuned in the next month.  I am sure that I will come out with a few pearls of wisdom for other people starting out.

Ad Flip 2 day Update

Nothing new to report.  Not many people are clicking on the Ad any more.  I haven’t made any money off of the Zip Submit ads in the past 2 days.  Also only 40 visitors have come.  We’ll see what happens Tuesday as a TON of people are probably not even logging in to check their email due to the long weekend.