How to rebound

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog for the past couple of days.  Well, it’s because my main offer that I’ve been making most of my cash off of got nixed.  That’s why I don’t quit my day job.

The good news though is that I wasn’t sitting idle while I was raking in the dollars.  I started making some money on it a week or so ago.  I’ve looked at my stats and tweaked some things.  So far today I am up $240 because of it.  The weekends and evening are when my offer(s) really take off.  I also may have one or two more offers that I may be able to capitalize on.

The key to rebounding is all in planning ahead.

1. Assume that your winning offers will end soon and maximize them while they last.  2. Find more deals as you are maximizing you working deals.  3. Don’t quit your day job if you don’t have to.

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