Biggest Money Day

Offers go up and down day to day.  Sometimes certain days are better than others.  Sometime certain times of the day are better.  For a while I have been trying to break the $1,000 in profit a day level.

I came close, kind of.  My biggest profit taking day was always around $800.  I shattered that yesterday.  I made just shy of $1,200 profit on over $1,800 in revenue.

Keep in mind that late last week, the main offer I was promoting got reduced almost 20%.  If that wouldn’t have happened I would have made a couple of hundred more.

~91% of this came from Azoogle
~9% of this came from Never Blue Ads

Hydra had a little bit as well but not enough to really matter that much.

2 thoughts on “Biggest Money Day”

  1. Incentivized offers means that you can give away something to the people who complete the offer. For example, you may make $15 off of a BlockBuster offer. Perhaps you have a site that gives a hat away to each person that signs up. Perhaps you even give them $5 in PayPal money.

    The trick is that you would need to track each person with a specific SUBID so you know who completes the offer. The only thing that could be improved about Azoogle is if they had a reporting API or WebService. Otherwise you need to download this SUBID information instead of automating the reward process.

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