Get Traffic with BlogRush

You have probably noticed that I have a big ’ol BlogRush widget on this blog.  Does it really fit?  I don’t think so, but it doesn’t look horrible.  I wish I had more graphic design skills.

However, it’s not here to look good.  It’s here to get me free traffic.  How do you get it?  Well you sign up for BlogRush and put a simple javascript on your blog.

Normally this type of thing only runs on WordPress blogs.  Because this is strictly javascript it runs on any blog in the world.

Basically, for every BlogRush impression you get, you get credits.  The more credits you have, the more your blog post show up in others BlogRush widget.  You don’t do anything except 1.Signup for BlogRush Here and 2.Install the code in your blog template.

Easy huh!?!

Also you don’t have to worry about it conflicting with anything else.  This includes Google AdSense.

So if you like BlogRush, install it and get free traffic.  If you don’t like it, well… you’re just being silly.

In just one day I got 10 referalls.

One thought on “Get Traffic with BlogRush”

  1. Thats a huge amount of referrals considering the exposure BlogRush had – well done on getting more referrals!

    Hopefully your click-through rates are going well also!


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