Get Approved by Commission Junction Programs

I recently changed my description in Commission Junction (CJ).  I wasn’t getting accepted into programs even though I am pulling in about $500-1000 a month with them.  So I decided to change my website description to this…

A personal blog with mostly technical information and rants. I am currently making 5 figures a month with Affiliate marketing. Most of these offers are through Azoogle because it seems that a lot of affiliates here do not approve me.

I haven’t been rejected by any offers since I set this, except for Dell.  We all know that Dell isn’t on top of the ball anymore any way so that’s ok.

I dislike CJ (Commission Junction) as a whole.  You always have to apply to their programs and before I changed my description I never got approved to the ones that I really wanted.

Places like Azoogle and NeverBlueAds you are automatically approved for all programs.

Also CJ’s reporting STINKS!  I check several times a day to make sure a campaign hasn’t exploded in my face.  That’s just not possible with CJ as you don’t get accurate stats until the next day (and sometimes not even then).

However, CJ is the biggest CPA program provider so for certain offers you are forced to deal with them.  Hopefully you can change your account description to something similar and start getting approved too.

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