Make sure to ask questions

As I try to get some other Azooglers up and running, I have been emailing a bunch of them back and forth.  Am I telling deep secrets and ways to beat the system?  No.  Everything is more or less common sense.  My little pearls of common sense though are really helping people.  It reduces the down sides from proceeding with a try & fail approach.

One piece of advice to those looking to find answers is… “Ask Questions”.  Never just make comments.  You’ll get a lot more out of it if you ask questions.  It also helps cement those little links of understanding in your brain.  One ends up understanding the whole process better if you force yourself to ask questions.  Think back to school, those annoying people who always asked questions always had the top grades.

“…and knowing is half the battle!” – GI JOE ~1985

2 thoughts on “Make sure to ask questions”

  1. That’s silly. It’s like working for free. The 2% commission for Azoogle is definitely minor especially since it comes off of Azoogle’s end.

    I had a long IM conversation with Ryan Stewart last night. Ryan is the original ad flipper. I gave him a bunch of veteran ideas and have a bunch more once he starts getting in the swing of things.

    So, if I need to get 48 other “Active” referrals that on average do as well as I do and then I don’t need to do anything except get them started and field occasional questions.

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