Ad Flipped for $50

So the ad flip is complete.  I sold the rest of september on ebay for just over $50.

So I made $23 from nice people entering their zipcodes and $51 from selling the ad on eBay.

I also got 525 visits to the page of which a good number came to visit my blog.  I may also have gotten 5-10 people to sign-up under my Azoogle affiliate id.  This is hard to judge right now because Azoogle is being pretty slow about approving them.

So I lost about $130 but I would still say that it was a succesful ad flip.  If I would have catered more to my visitors or put the zip form in an iframe below the ad I think I could have made a lot more money.  Or of course if I would have done something more with the John Chow visitors.

Overall I think I got 10 new subscribers to my RSS feed because of this as well.  All in all I think the 5 or so new referrals might be worth the most.  I got a couple good people signed up and soon as they are approved I will be making 2% of whatever they earn (taken from Azoogle’s side, not theirs).  So they collectively need to bring $6,500 for me to recoup the $130 loss.  I think this will happen sometime, and while I wait I can point out that I flipped the ad (even though for a loss) even though John Chow told me not to! :p

Stay evil people!

One thought on “Ad Flipped for $50”

  1. Hi Jay,
    As you know I’m one of those folks who is waiting on Azoogle too. I think I’ve jumped through all of their hoops and I’m just waiting on the last word from them. I’m ready to help you make your money back all by myself!


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