Ad Flipping in 3 Days

I told everybody I was going to flip my ad.  I don’t think that anybody believed me.

The catch here is that I may loose money on it.  It’s a good opportunity for you to make some money off of me though!

Here’s the EBay Auction…


I started the bid at $1 with no reserve.  I would have made it a 2 day auction if I could but that wasn’t an option.  (Darn you EBAY!)


If nobody buys this for $1, you are crazy.  Simply redirect it to a “I’m pitiful please help me page” and you should would make money on it!


(Here’s where I put my shameless plug)
Now if you aren’t signed up for Azoogle Ads yet, and need something to promote on your “I’m pitiful please help me” page, then use this awesome AZOOGLE AFFILIATE LINK and I will try to push you through.  Even with me pushing it could still take several weekdays.  Just ask my new friend Ryan.  Unfortunately the people who do the actual approving (ie. Accounting) aren’t commision based.  Accounting people always have it rough compared to everybody else (except IT workers of course).  They aren’t commision based and people only talk to them when they need something.

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