Azoogle August Earnings

So, last month I posted my Big News.  The big news was that I personally made $2,400 online through just Azoogle Ads.  My revenue was $3,423 and my advertising costs were $1,106.

I then followed up that post with a post called Best Week.  There I showed that in just one week I brought in more than I did for the previous month.  The even better news was that I was even more profitable (at the time).

So how did Azoogle treat me for August?  Not to shabby!  My total costs where $8,809.45.  I was able to bring in $20,100.64.  So that means that I made $11,291.19 in profit.  I could have made an extra $1,000 but I have been trying out different deals.

Stay tuned in the next month.  I am sure that I will come out with a few pearls of wisdom for other people starting out.

5 thoughts on “Azoogle August Earnings”

  1. Jay,
    I sent you an email in response to your request for people to mentor, but haven’t heard anything back from you. I signed up for azoogle using your affiliate code and would love to talk with you more. What gives?

  2. Maurizio, yes I did. His comment was picked up by my spam filter (I send everything to my gmail account) which is very weird. I replied to him and that second email was picked up in his spam filter.

    Everything is good now and I expect him to be approved by Azoogle today. It’s actually Azoogle’s accounting department where most hold-ups occur.

  3. Hey Chris, I try to be as vague about my niches as possible. I think some of my specific offers may be starting to get flooded. However, I will tell you that it is NOT ringtones. I’ve only been able to squeek out $20-40 a month on ringtones. I’ve never been able to use PPC to make income on ringtones. Feel free to email me though. Also sorry about the comments guys, my server clock kept resetting the time on me so the actual comment dates may not be correct. They will will be correct going forward though.

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