How to rebound

I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog for the past couple of days.  Well, it’s because my main offer that I’ve been making most of my cash off of got nixed.  That’s why I don’t quit my day job.

The good news though is that I wasn’t sitting idle while I was raking in the dollars.  I started making some money on it a week or so ago.  I’ve looked at my stats and tweaked some things.  So far today I am up $240 because of it.  The weekends and evening are when my offer(s) really take off.  I also may have one or two more offers that I may be able to capitalize on.

The key to rebounding is all in planning ahead.

1. Assume that your winning offers will end soon and maximize them while they last.  2. Find more deals as you are maximizing you working deals.  3. Don’t quit your day job if you don’t have to.

Biggest Money Day

Offers go up and down day to day.  Sometimes certain days are better than others.  Sometime certain times of the day are better.  For a while I have been trying to break the $1,000 in profit a day level.

I came close, kind of.  My biggest profit taking day was always around $800.  I shattered that yesterday.  I made just shy of $1,200 profit on over $1,800 in revenue.

Keep in mind that late last week, the main offer I was promoting got reduced almost 20%.  If that wouldn’t have happened I would have made a couple of hundred more.

~91% of this came from Azoogle
~9% of this came from Never Blue Ads

Hydra had a little bit as well but not enough to really matter that much.

Get Traffic with BlogRush

You have probably noticed that I have a big ’ol BlogRush widget on this blog.  Does it really fit?  I don’t think so, but it doesn’t look horrible.  I wish I had more graphic design skills.

However, it’s not here to look good.  It’s here to get me free traffic.  How do you get it?  Well you sign up for BlogRush and put a simple javascript on your blog.

Normally this type of thing only runs on WordPress blogs.  Because this is strictly javascript it runs on any blog in the world.

Basically, for every BlogRush impression you get, you get credits.  The more credits you have, the more your blog post show up in others BlogRush widget.  You don’t do anything except 1.Signup for BlogRush Here and 2.Install the code in your blog template.

Easy huh!?!

Also you don’t have to worry about it conflicting with anything else.  This includes Google AdSense.

So if you like BlogRush, install it and get free traffic.  If you don’t like it, well… you’re just being silly.

In just one day I got 10 referalls.

Understanding Google PPA

I was a bit confused before because the Google PPA is a bit misleading.  I was mislead because Google had led me believe that you just created actions.  This is not the case.

There are 2 steps that you need to do.

1. Setup Campaigns
2. Setup Actions

The actions are where I got confused.

Campaigns are still pretty similar.  You add keywords to them and write ads.  However, you don’t bid on the keywords.  You bid on the actions.

So, let’s say that you want to sell bownling balls.  So you setup a campaign.

Keywords: “Bowling Balls for Sale”
Buy Bowling Balls
Bowling Balls
starting at $19
Free Shipping!

The next step is to make an action.  So on the following screen you would just click “Create new Action”.
google ppa conversion tracking

Here’s an example of a custom email creation action.
google ppa action

Then you get the code for that successful action.
google ppa conversion code

Then you’re still not done.  You take that code and you put it in a page that you show on a successful conversion.  It should ok if you show the code even when there is no google conversion.  This is because Google will not charge unless the conversion started out with them.

You DO NOT want to put the conversion tracking code on the target page.  You put it down where you want the person to go like a successful purchase page.

Google PPA Follow-up

This is not a sure thing but if you want to be included in the Google PPA beta you should try spending $15,000 in AdWords.  I have 11 campaigns that I’ve spent a total of over 15k with and then I got the invite.  Now that may not be a definite thing, but I’d bet that invites may automatically go out to those that have spent 15k on Google Adwords in the past couple months OR 15k for campaigns that are active.

Google Pay Per Action Beta Test

I just got this notice in my AdWords account.

(click to see full)


What the heck is Google Pay Per Action (PPA also sometimes called CPA – Cost Per Action)?  It is advertising that only charging when a specific action is taken.  This is the FIRST beta that I’ve seen.  I am working through the specifics and will be posting more soon!  This post is just more of an FYI that the Google PPA is in Beta.

Get Approved by Commission Junction Programs

I recently changed my description in Commission Junction (CJ).  I wasn’t getting accepted into programs even though I am pulling in about $500-1000 a month with them.  So I decided to change my website description to this…

A personal blog with mostly technical information and rants. I am currently making 5 figures a month with Affiliate marketing. Most of these offers are through Azoogle because it seems that a lot of affiliates here do not approve me.

I haven’t been rejected by any offers since I set this, except for Dell.  We all know that Dell isn’t on top of the ball anymore any way so that’s ok.

I dislike CJ (Commission Junction) as a whole.  You always have to apply to their programs and before I changed my description I never got approved to the ones that I really wanted.

Places like Azoogle and NeverBlueAds you are automatically approved for all programs.

Also CJ’s reporting STINKS!  I check several times a day to make sure a campaign hasn’t exploded in my face.  That’s just not possible with CJ as you don’t get accurate stats until the next day (and sometimes not even then).

However, CJ is the biggest CPA program provider so for certain offers you are forced to deal with them.  Hopefully you can change your account description to something similar and start getting approved too.

Make sure to ask questions

As I try to get some other Azooglers up and running, I have been emailing a bunch of them back and forth.  Am I telling deep secrets and ways to beat the system?  No.  Everything is more or less common sense.  My little pearls of common sense though are really helping people.  It reduces the down sides from proceeding with a try & fail approach.

One piece of advice to those looking to find answers is… “Ask Questions”.  Never just make comments.  You’ll get a lot more out of it if you ask questions.  It also helps cement those little links of understanding in your brain.  One ends up understanding the whole process better if you force yourself to ask questions.  Think back to school, those annoying people who always asked questions always had the top grades.

“…and knowing is half the battle!” – GI JOE ~1985