Big News

So here’s my big news.

Azoogle Check
(You may have to click on the photo to see the amount)

That’s right everybody, Azoogle payed me $3,423.48.  My costs last month where $1,106.52 so I had a profit of over $2400 or 200+%.

How did I do it?  Well, I’m not going to tell you the specifics, but I can help you out with Azoogle.  All that I ask in return is that you sign up using this Azoogle link

After that use the this contact page and let me know about your main website, what kind of affiliate offers you’re into and how much you are looking to spend to start making more money.  I will NEVER ask you for money, but you will have to pay for your own Adwords ads (or Adcenter, or Yahoo).  (Contact me here

I want to shoot a special thanks out to Shoe Money and his big Power Check (


I already have even bigger news planned for this time next month.

If you’re into it

I can’t get enough of that Flight of the Conchords song “If you’re into it”.
Here’s a link to my previous post that has the
If You’re Into It Video
…and here’s the lyrics.

If you want me to
I could hand round with you
If I only knew
Thats what you’re into


You and him
Him and you
If thats what you’re into
Him hangin round, around you
Your hanging round, ya you’re there too

And if you want me to I will take off all my clothes for you
I’ll take off all my clothes for you
If thats what you’re into

How bout him in the nude
If thats, what you’re in to
In the nude infront of you
Is that what you’d wanna view

If it’s cool with you
I’ll let you get naked too
It could be a dream come true
providing thats what you are into

Is that what your into
him and you in the nude
thats what he’s prepared to do
Is that the kinda thing that you think you might be into
And then maybe later
we’ll get hot by the refridgerator
In the kitchen next to the pantry
You think that might be what you fancy
In the buff being rude
Doin stuff with the food
Getting lude with his food
We heard thats what you are into
And then on our next date
Well you could bring your roommate
I dont know if Stu is keen too
But if you want we could double team you
How bout you and 2 dudes
Him you and Stu in the nude
Bein lude with 2 dudes with food
Well thats if Stus into it to

All the thing I’d Do
Things I’d do for you
If I only knew thats what you’re into.

Defrag Virus Protection

I’ve been comprimised.  Guess it’s time to take my cyanide capsule.

In actuallity I was hacked.  My dedicated server at GoDaddy was hacked a while ago.  How did they get in?  Microsoft’s FTP.  I’m not sure how but they did.  They started using me as a place to store a ton of movies and such.

Since then I have been using FileZilla’s FTP server with no problems.

Then I noticed it last night.  I analyzed my computer using the defrag utility on Windows 2003 and BOOM.
Analyze Defrag

So I looked at this more.  I saved the defragment analyzer results and looked at the first file.  It was

\System Volume Information\catalog.wci\RP00\OP.King.Of.Skate.Disc.1.NTSC.sk8dvdr.part2.rar

King of Skate?  There were a ton of them.  I believe this is a remnant from when I was hacked way back when.  Hopefully I wasn’t hacked again.

So how do we get rid of these files.  I tried browsing to C:\System Volume Information\catalog.wci.  Success, it existed.  However the directory RP00 does not exist.  I tried entering it into the command bar and still nothing.

TO THE COMMAND LINE  I ran CMD.EXE and got to the root.
CD System* That got us to the system dir.
CD Catalog.wci


A quick DIR showed about 50 RAR skater files.  Too afraid to see what was in them I deleted them. (del *.rar).  Backed out one level (cd..) and then removed the directory (rd RP00).

It’s amazing how half your harddrive can get filled without you knowing.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the free space and implementing a better backup solution IN CASE something worse happens.