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Background: John Chow, the Master of Monetization, has opened up yet another revenue avenue.  He has started selling links in RSS feeds.  He says that these feeds are seen by nearly 8,000 a day.  On average there are usually 100+ posts per month and your ad should show up on half of them.  8,000 views a day time 50 posts means that your ad is in front of a person (even though it is the same 8,000 people) 400,000 times.  If the ad is clicked .1% of the time then you should get at least 400 visits.

Now, I’m not a “Master of Monetization” like John.  I can’t pick up a rock, squeeze and have a quarter come out like he can.  I will take a $200 gamble though.

I have an ad that you should be seeing on his rss feed ( shortly.  I bet that it will get at least 1% click through or 4,000 visits.  Maybe it will even get 2-3%.  Want to see it?  It’s right here John Chow Ad Flip.

So to make money, I need to do one of the following…
- Flip this ad for $210 ($10 profit)
- Flip it for or $7/day = $210 ($10 profit)
- Have 100 people enter there zipcode on either Offer 1 or Offer 2 on that page.
- Or a combination of any of the above.

I installed Google Analytics on that page a few minutes ago so I will document any and all profit that I make myself on that page.

2 thoughts on “Ad Flipping”

  1. Well yeah I’ll click your ad!

    With a hook like “I’m going to Flip this ad even though John Chow told me not to!” you’ve sure got my attention. I’m sure i’ll be checking the link a few times throughout the month to see how you’re doing.

    Good luck!

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