Ad Flip Day One

Here’s the results from Day 1 of my Ad Flip.  So far I received 2 comments basically telling me “Good Job” or “Interesting”.  Thanks to the 2 people that commented!

I also received 30 clicks on my offers and 2 leads giving me $5.75 (Thanks to those people!).

Also here’s the info about the visitors.

I thought for sure all the visitors would come from Feedburner.  I suppose they are all coming from the RSS reader services.  It’s safe to say over half the people are using Google Reader. (I use Google Reader myself).  1/5th seem to use a reader that doesn’t note their referrer.  That is probably a RSS client that sits on the user’s computer.

So I need to flip the ad for $195 to pull a profit of 75 cents at this point.  After a couple of days, and John Chow posts, I think I will aim for $10 a day flip with a few days minimum.  Unlike our good friend Mr. Chow, I dare you to flip the ad!

If you guys are interested in those offers above, they are supplied by HydraMedia.  They are an auto-loan link and a debt consolidation link.  You get paid for people just entering a zipcode.  The debt one pays $2.75 and the “auto loan” pays $3.00

If you want to join Hydra, click on THIS LINK to sign up.  I get you as a refferal.  I don’t think you’ll lose any commisions but unlike Azoogle (which is my current true love) I am not sure what I get out it.

Like always, sign up through one of the referral links then use my contact me page and I will try to help get you started.  You need some web programming skills, some money to pay for ads and a LOT of patience.

3 thoughts on “Ad Flip Day One”

  1. I just followed the link from the RSS feed and got a server down error, gone have trouble doing anything with the traffic unless you fix it

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