Kontera Dissapoints

In the online world, it is horrible to pay too much for a lead.  It’s even worse to let a free lead go by without acting on it.

John Chow has been raving about Kontera, as seen in his new Kontera WordPress Plugin post.

I tried signing up for the publisher ad network in the past.  A few weeks ago I signed up to do some payed advertising.  I wanted to start out with about $1,000 a month and see if my advertising would convert into sales/leads.  If they convert, then the sky was the limit!  I mean, I’ve spent $6,000 on AdWords this month alone and the month isn’t even up yet.

I’ve never seen a company that didn’t want to take my money before.  This is even more odd because Kontera Secured $10.3 Million more dollars.  They wouldn’t need more investment if they would just start taking people’s money.

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