Ad Flip Day Two

52 is the magic number for yesterday.  I had 52 visitors yesterday from John Chow’s link.

Ad Flip Day 2

Did I get any revenue?  Yes.  Same exact number as yesterday.  $5.75!

That brings up the total revenue for this non-flip to $11.50

Today looks kind of bleak though.  Ted over at let me know my page was down.  This was due to a .Net Application Pool.  My default application pool on my server is set for .Net 1.  The flip page should have been set to an application pool that used 2.0.  Completely my fault but still a little weird MS thing.


Thanks for letting me know Ted!

MaxBounty Lays on the Guilt Trip

Here is an email that I received from MaxBounty at 8:01 this morning.

Hi Jason, it’s been a month since there’s
been any action on your affiliate account. I’m not ashamed to say that this saddens me. We started the network with the ideology that affiliates should be fairly paid for the leads they generate. We actually go out of our way so we can specifically pay you more. So if we are constantly paying more than other networks, and you’re not running our ads…   I’m really at a loss to understand why we’re not seeing any traffic from you.
Can you take a quick moment and reply to this email and let me know what we can do to improve so as to get you advertising our campaigns again?
Here’s a list of our most successful campaigns in case you do want to start advertising again.
 - Free Copy of QuickBooks w/Business Kit paying $28.50/sale with an average EPC of $1.59
 - The Good Cook Bookclub paying $20.50/sale with an average EPC of $1.58
 - Zooba Book Club paying $29.00/lead with an average EPC of $1.21
 - Ultima Smile – Free Trial paying $28.00/sale with an average EPC of $1.20
 - FREE eBay Auction Success Kit paying $30.00/sale with an average EPC of $1.16
 - Video Professor: Free CD Trial paying $42.00/sale with an average EPC of $1.13
 - Education Connection paying $31.00/lead with an average EPC of $1.11
I’m here if you have questions.
Jessica Dagg

Seriously MaxBounty, what’s with the guilt trip?  Do they think they can shame me into working for them?

Ad Flip Day One

Here’s the results from Day 1 of my Ad Flip.  So far I received 2 comments basically telling me “Good Job” or “Interesting”.  Thanks to the 2 people that commented!

I also received 30 clicks on my offers and 2 leads giving me $5.75 (Thanks to those people!).

Also here’s the info about the visitors.

I thought for sure all the visitors would come from Feedburner.  I suppose they are all coming from the RSS reader services.  It’s safe to say over half the people are using Google Reader. (I use Google Reader myself).  1/5th seem to use a reader that doesn’t note their referrer.  That is probably a RSS client that sits on the user’s computer.

So I need to flip the ad for $195 to pull a profit of 75 cents at this point.  After a couple of days, and John Chow posts, I think I will aim for $10 a day flip with a few days minimum.  Unlike our good friend Mr. Chow, I dare you to flip the ad!

If you guys are interested in those offers above, they are supplied by HydraMedia.  They are an auto-loan link and a debt consolidation link.  You get paid for people just entering a zipcode.  The debt one pays $2.75 and the “auto loan” pays $3.00

If you want to join Hydra, click on THIS LINK to sign up.  I get you as a refferal.  I don’t think you’ll lose any commisions but unlike Azoogle (which is my current true love) I am not sure what I get out it.

Like always, sign up through one of the referral links then use my contact me page and I will try to help get you started.  You need some web programming skills, some money to pay for ads and a LOT of patience.

Ad Flipping

Background: John Chow, the Master of Monetization, has opened up yet another revenue avenue.  He has started selling links in RSS feeds.  He says that these feeds are seen by nearly 8,000 a day.  On average there are usually 100+ posts per month and your ad should show up on half of them.  8,000 views a day time 50 posts means that your ad is in front of a person (even though it is the same 8,000 people) 400,000 times.  If the ad is clicked .1% of the time then you should get at least 400 visits.

Now, I’m not a “Master of Monetization” like John.  I can’t pick up a rock, squeeze and have a quarter come out like he can.  I will take a $200 gamble though.

I have an ad that you should be seeing on his rss feed ( shortly.  I bet that it will get at least 1% click through or 4,000 visits.  Maybe it will even get 2-3%.  Want to see it?  It’s right here John Chow Ad Flip.

So to make money, I need to do one of the following…
- Flip this ad for $210 ($10 profit)
- Flip it for or $7/day = $210 ($10 profit)
- Have 100 people enter there zipcode on either Offer 1 or Offer 2 on that page.
- Or a combination of any of the above.

I installed Google Analytics on that page a few minutes ago so I will document any and all profit that I make myself on that page.

Bitching Works

A few hours ago I posted an write-up entitled Kontera Dissapoints.  This was all based  on the fact that I never got a response.

A few hours after I published that post Kontera contacted me.  The woman, I’ll keep her name out of this in case she’s innocent, wrote to me telling me that she was out due to a family emergency.

Do I believe her?  Yes, I am going to choose to.  So I sent an email back to her concerning some keywords I would like to bid on (I could possibly spend a TON of money if it converts).  A mere 3 minutes after I send her my reply I get the following

Hi Jason,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will have our advertising operations team work to put together a list of related terms.  Based on this, I should have a quote and CPC rate for you.  I should have this for you by tomorrow.  Please let me know if you have any other questions in the interim.

[I removed her name to protect her]

The lesson?  Bitching works.  Maybe there is a good reason why John Chow loves Kontera.

Kontera Dissapoints

In the online world, it is horrible to pay too much for a lead.  It’s even worse to let a free lead go by without acting on it.

John Chow has been raving about Kontera, as seen in his new Kontera WordPress Plugin post.

I tried signing up for the publisher ad network in the past.  A few weeks ago I signed up to do some payed advertising.  I wanted to start out with about $1,000 a month and see if my advertising would convert into sales/leads.  If they convert, then the sky was the limit!  I mean, I’ve spent $6,000 on AdWords this month alone and the month isn’t even up yet.

I’ve never seen a company that didn’t want to take my money before.  This is even more odd because Kontera Secured $10.3 Million more dollars.  They wouldn’t need more investment if they would just start taking people’s money.

Ultimate Resume Tip

There are tons of resume building tips out there.  It is hard to know what to do.

Contrary Advice
* “Keep it to a page” vs. “Use as many pages as possible
* “Tell a story” vs. “Keep it to just the facts
* “Include an in-depth objective” vs. “Modern Resumes don’t have objectives

You are flooded with so many contrary do & do-nots that your resume may suffer.  The fact of the matter though is, for good companies with good unique jobs, it doesn’t matter what you write.  It’s how you deliver the message.

The best example of this is the story of Greg Hoffman.  Greg Hoffman started with the traditional steps.  First he applied for his dream job through  After not getting a response he sent a message through the company’s “Contact Us” page.  There still was no response.  Greg then bumped it up a notch and sent a message straight to the company’s owner.  He still did not get a response.

Looking for different results, Greg started thinking “In the Box“.  “In the Doughnut Box” to be more precise.  Mr. Hoffman took the initiative and hand delivered a dozen freshly glazed Dunkin Doughnuts to the CEO’s Executive Assistant.  The catch was that the box of Doughnuts had Greg’s resume taped to the top of it.

With this added move, and tasty treat, Greg almost immediately received an interview scheduled for the following Monday.  Greg went into the interview already having people not only know him, they also liked him.  After a short interview, Greg Hoffman got the job!

Thinking “In the Doughnut Box” not only gave Greg Hoffman a foot in the door, it gave him confidence and a leg up on everybody else.  The ultimate resume tip is very similar to the doughnut-resume.

Don’t worry about “What’s in your resume“.  You’ve worked hard and as long as the facts are there, it’s clear and has no misspellings, you should occupy your time with “What’s ON your resume“.

I wouldn’t do what Greg did exactly.  What I want you to do is attach a business card to your resume.  I want this business card to say something like.  “Hopeful Future Employee” and have all of your contact information on it.  This contact card will be paper-clipped to the top of your resume, NOT STAPLED.  You don’t want to staple the card because you want this business card to be in the way, but not annoying.  You also want it easily removed and saved.  Hopefully right on your interviewer’s desk.

I want you to take your time and think of your own slogan.  It doesn’t need to be “Hopeful Future Employee”.  It’s actually better if you customize your catch-phrase to something that suits the company.  Somebody applying to a job at Microsoft might want to say something like “Microsoft’s Happiest Future Developer” or “Professional Linux Destroyer”.  For a place like Apple you could take their “Think Different” motto and make your business card phrase to “Thinking Different Since 1977″ (or whenever you were born).

Seem easy?  Well it gets even easier when you add the fact that you can get free business cards here.

If you get the interview, stay rememberable.  Use the same link above and get free thank you business cards.  Attach a card with a different title.  Have it read something like ”Extremely Thankful Interviewee”.  Then attach it to a short thank you letter and you are guarnateed not to be forgotten!

This may worry some people.  Your future boss wan’t think that this is ”too different”.  He/she will not be bothered at all.  It shows initiative.  Using the business card trick actually gets you more attention without you having to call and put stress or pressure on them.

Here’s some more links to help you
250 Free Business Cards
Greg Hoffman’s Doughnut Resume Story

WordPress Widgets are Cool (…almost)

I am starting to play around with widgets for my new side bars.  I like that you can move them around however, they  sometimes dissappear after I save them.  Also they seem to play better with FireFox than with IE (from setting them up aspect).

I wanted to change some of the formatting on them but I have no idea where they are.  I would like to ad the Akisment spam blocker count to the blog again but the Widget is to wide in FireFox and looks silly.  If I can add a DIV or BR to it, then it might be OK but I don’t know where it is.

Hopefully Widgets will play nicer in newer WordPress releases.

Best Week

So I got a little carried away when over at the Digital Point Forums and posted this screenshot of my best week ever on Azoogle.

Best Azoogle Week

I’ve made in one week more than I made last month.

I still have my offer out there to help “Serious” people who want to sign-up for affiliate marketing help.

- Know how to program a functioning web page (.NET, PHP, ColdFusion, etc…)
- Up to $1,000 in available credit. (Advertising isn’t cheap, and you are going to fail a lot)

If you qualify then you can…

1. Sign Up for Azoogle Using THIS Link.
2. Contact Me Here

I will then contact you on how to proceed.  I am not going to give you examples on how to cheat the system but I may have a few tricks up my sleeve and a bunch of insight.