Google Trends can Predict Scandal

You’ve seen the scandal photos.  Maybe some sideboob, pantyshot or some other nonsense that brings a B-List celebrity into the spotlight.  For example, today I found an interesting picture of Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth Kissing.  If you’re a straight guy you can’t help but click but might be a bit turned down by Kate’s lack of passion, but I digress.

Being the dorky guy I am, I went to Google Trends to see if either of these 2 women where making the top 100 queries today.

The answer is no, but I found this graph interesting.

The blue line is Liv Tyler and the red is Kate Bosworth.  You can surmize by this that they have been much more popular in the past.  How else do you become more popular?  Well, let’s throw a little harmless scandal into the mix.  Liv is seen as more of a wild-child so she will be the aggressor and Kate can feign disinterest and look like she was sort of the victim to the more sexual Liv.

Google Trends is always at least month behind so we will have to wait at least 30 days to see if this scandal did indeed increase their popularity.

With both Kate and Liv having a movie release this year (Kate Bosworth at IMDB) (Liv Tyler at IMDB), this scandal seems to be a manufactured one and my Google Trends prediction may be accurate.

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