Could not load file or assembly

I have a .Net 2.0 application.  Nightly I, the application would error out and I would get a “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.”

Then it would also say something like…

Could not load file or assembly ‘App_Web_e4mmjsth, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

The detail would have something like…

Line 1: <%@ Control Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeFile=”~/Controls/MyControl.ascx.cs” Inherits=”Controls_MyControl” %>

Basically, after recompiling I guess the .Net application restarts the application.  However it deletes one of the temporary files.

I found a whole thread about it HERE

Then found the error…;EN-US;934839

Then the download is on…
(You have to download the 934839 one)

This should fix the problem.

iPhone Box

iPhone Box: The box that the iPhone comes in.  Here is what it looks like.  Other than the iPhone itself, there is a iPhone dock, iPhone stereo headset, iPhone USB cable dock connector, iPhone USB power adapter, iPhone documentation, and an iPhone cleaning/polishing cloth.  The iPhone must get pretty dirty.
iPhone Box  iPhone Package

iPhone Box Back

iPhone's Box

How Auction Ads Works

There have been a lot of questions about “AuctionAds”. On the surface it seems too good to be true. How can they serve ads for you and pay out your complete commission? Well, this is all because of a sliding commission scale. If you sign up for your own personal eBay account then you will see the following scale.


50%: $0 – $99.99
55%: $100.00 – $4,999.99
60%: $5,000.00 – $199,999.99
65%: $200,000.00 – $699,999.99
70%: $700,000.00 – $2,999,999.99
75%: $3,000,000.00


$25: 1 – 49
$28: 50 – 1,999
$31: 2,000 – 29,999
$35: 30,000 +

So if you sell $1,000 worth of merchandise and have 3 signups you make 55% of the commission EBay made from the $1,000 in sales. So lets say 55% of 5% of $1,000 or $27.50 as well as $25 * 3 ($75) from signing up new users. You would get paid $102.50 that month.

That is not too bad. However Auction Ads is making a lot more than this. Auction ads now has over 17,000 people using it. If the average is $1,000 in sales and 3 signups then Auction Ads will have $17 Million in sales and 51,000 new signups. $17,000,000 * .05 (commision) * .75 (Sales Percentage) = $637,500 earned. They Pay $17,000,000 * .05 * .55 = $467,500 for commisions. The 51,000 signups make 51,000 * $35 or $1,785,000. They pay 51,000 * $25 or $1,275,000.

Not counting operating costs of course, Auction Ads makes $637,500 + 1,785,000 – 467,500 – 1,275,000 or $680,000 for one month.

You may think that this equates to losing out on $40 a month ($142.50 vs $102.50). You would not have been able to make that $102.50 if you did not use their system. This is because you would not convert nearly as much if your ad was non-dynamic and did not offer a photo. So you get a lot out of this! Also you would make $102.50 if you used eBay’s affiliate program rather than auction ads.

Will eBay get mad at AuctionAds? No way! They will have more sales and new members than with just their affiliate program alone. Also eBay owns PayPal and AuctionAds pays their members via PayPal so they get a percentage of what AuctionAds pays to its users.

The only thing that I would like to see for AuctionAds is for them to get rid of the 6 month limitation for Auction Ad referals. Currently you get 2% of a referal’s profit for just 6 months if they signed up from your ad. I would be A LOT MORE motivated if it was 2% for life!

If you found this post useful then click on the “Ads by Auction Ads” link and sign up for the program.


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Google Trends can Predict Scandal

You’ve seen the scandal photos.  Maybe some sideboob, pantyshot or some other nonsense that brings a B-List celebrity into the spotlight.  For example, today I found an interesting picture of Liv Tyler and Kate Bosworth Kissing.  If you’re a straight guy you can’t help but click but might be a bit turned down by Kate’s lack of passion, but I digress.

Being the dorky guy I am, I went to Google Trends to see if either of these 2 women where making the top 100 queries today.

The answer is no, but I found this graph interesting.

The blue line is Liv Tyler and the red is Kate Bosworth.  You can surmize by this that they have been much more popular in the past.  How else do you become more popular?  Well, let’s throw a little harmless scandal into the mix.  Liv is seen as more of a wild-child so she will be the aggressor and Kate can feign disinterest and look like she was sort of the victim to the more sexual Liv.

Google Trends is always at least month behind so we will have to wait at least 30 days to see if this scandal did indeed increase their popularity.

With both Kate and Liv having a movie release this year (Kate Bosworth at IMDB) (Liv Tyler at IMDB), this scandal seems to be a manufactured one and my Google Trends prediction may be accurate.