Apogee Search

The following is a ReviewMe review….

What is Apogee Search?  Apogee Search is a “Search Engine Marketer”.  Most of the time you hear about “Search Engine Optimizer”.  A search engine optimizer is somebody who customizes your web pages and tries to get others to link to your site for keywords that you want to show up in search engines.

Apogee does do SEO, but they do a lot more than that.  The start out with an analysis, then they may take you down the path of SEO to start and then do some “Pay Per Click/Search” advertising, set you up for affiliate marketing or do a phone campaign (where customers call you directly).

Apogee seems like it is more “Goal” oriented.  My personal feelings is that most SEOs are full of BS.  They take you through a few simple steps and the results aren’t really as quantifiable and don’t happen quickly.

Apogee can take you down the SEO path, or get more direct and IMMEDIATE results.  I haven’t used them myself but their site seems like they have their act together.  Also they are a certified “Adwords Qualified Company” so that is HUGE vote of confidence for them.

Apogee Search, Austin, Texas, Tel: 512.583.4200, Fax: 512.583.4205