Blockbuster Free Trial

Here is a BLOCKBUSTER FREE TRIAL for those that want a BLOCKBUSTER TOTAL ACCESS free for the first month.  BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE usually costs $17.99 but here get a free trial.  With BLOCKBUSTER ONLINE you get 2 in store rentals a month plus all the online or mail BLOCKBUSTER RENTALS that you want.  Most people that don’t have the BLOCKBUSTER service feel that mail is too slow.  Actually if you have 2 BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES that you want to watch on hand at any time then you are actually saving yourself a lot of travel and waiting.  Not to mention that you never have to wait in another BLOCKBUSTER line again unless you really want to.  When was the last time that you watched more than 2 BLOCKBUSTER DVDs in a row?  If the answer is never, then this BLOCKBUSTER TRIAL is for you.


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