There is no such thing as Free Ringtones!

There is no such thing as free ringtones!  Go ahead and search and you’ll find a whole bunch of sites that you “Think” have free ringtones.  All of these sites are HIGHLY misleading.  They work like this.

1. You select a ringtone that you want and enter your phone number.
2. They send you a text message with a code in it.
3. You enter that code online and then they send you the ringtone.

At this point most people think “SWEET, I never gave them my account number or credit card, it’s really FREE!”.  Then their cell phone bill shows up and it’s got a charge of $9.99 on it.  Oh darn, that wasn’t a deal.  Instead of arguing they might just pay it.  Next month BAM $9.99 again.  WTF?  I didn’t even do anything this time!

You didn’t get charged a one time fee, you got signed up for a service.  If you read the terms (that nobody reads) you notice that this is a monthly service.  The chance getting this removed from a bill is VERY low.

The cell companies can do this because it is not moderated and they get a piece of the $9.99 every month.

If you use the service then it is worthwhile.  Personally I use this RINGTONE RIPPER service.  You can use your own MP3′s and CDs for ringtones.  You don’t have to worry about converting and uploading or using cables.  The download is free to try but you need to sign up for the service to get the ringtones you make.

They give the software for free so that you’ll use their service (which is a much better way in my opinion).

Download the ringtone ripper HERE if you want to check it out for yourself.

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