Jenny Heineman and the Stripper Thesis

22 year old Jenny Heineman, a University of Neberaska at Omaha student is a stunning individual.  She recently published her thesis about sexuality.  She’s a sociology major so nothing shocking there.  The kicker is that she became a stripper to do so.  Dear Jenny wanted to bring “Sex Workers” out of the dark so she felt she had to enter their world.”An Ethnography of a Midwest Strip Club” got her a B.

Here’s her MySpace Page
Here’s more news about her.

3 thoughts on “Jenny Heineman and the Stripper Thesis”

  1. I just thought that I would let you know, I am from Omaha and the 20′s Club in which Miss Heineman allegedly stripped at, is not a strip club. The 20′s Club is a bikini bar. Basically the workers there only dance around in bikinis. In fact, in Omaha, strip clubs are illegal. The closest real strip club to Omaha is in Glenwood, IA.

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