Did they Change the Heroes Series/Season Finale?

Was Heroes only supposed to be a 1 season show?  Weeks ago I remember seeing promos for the remaining shows.  Every time it said “Series Finale”.  Then about just a couple of weeks ago they started saying “Season Finale”.  Was this just a marketing ploy?


1. They used to say “Series Finale”.  A series and a season are definitely different.  There may have been a quick change when they realized there would be a season 2.

2. The final episode was only 1 hour long. Most shows (example: 24) want to lock people in for the last episode and leave them DROOOLING for the next season.

3. The ending was “Weak”.  Sylar can control his “Nuclear” power but Peter cannot?  Why didn’t Peter just fly off by himself instead of making his brother take him?  Did Hiro really have to have any training to run up and stab Sylar?  Why not put a bullet in Peter instead of Nathan dying as well?  Nicky hits Sylar then runs back to her dying husband?

4. They didn’t mention the character who is worse than the boogeyman “Sylar” until the final episode.  There has been plenty of foreshadowing but none of this big bad guy until the final episode?  Seems like it was added in after the fact.

5. The special effects were lacking/non-dramatic.  Sylar just got stabbed.  Where’s the battle?  The scenery was quite bare.  Basically it consisted of a “Stab” and “Fly-Away” special effect.


It is quite possible that there was an alternate ending which could surface sometime.  Hopefully that will be more dramatic and less of a let down.

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  1. i agree. heroes are either too dumb, or the only person that knows
    how to use their powers is sylar, who’s also dumb.

  2. As I recall, the first episode began with “Volume One” before saying Chapter One: “________” (Genesis?) Which tells me there was at least a contingency plan in place for more seasons.

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