Boring Validation Post

So I have been doing W3C validation on a site.  BORING  However, I believe I will get more love from the search engines by doing so.  I did come up with an issue though.  It seems that in 2.0 the ImageButton does not play nice.  It kept trying to set the (border=”0″) whenever W3C came to validate the page.  When I viewed the source on the page thought (in both Firefox and IE) it had the correct (style=”border:0px;”).  WTF?

I then went to Google and checked the cache.  DARN, it had (border=”0″).  I guess that it doesn’t think that W3C validator agent can handle it so it uses an older notation for the border.

On my master page though I just added (Page.ClientTarget = “uplevel”;) to the page load to force it to render in a more modern way.  This fixed the issue and there was much rejoicing.

I’m not going to take the time to make sure every single page is W3C validated, but I could easily check that 90% are completely correct.  Now I hope to have a huge romance with Google.

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