Sanjaya’s Naked Sister

Everybody knows that Sanjaya from 2007′s American Idol only is making it because he is the worst and people want to see if they can get the worst to win.

Well, he may have gotten my vote as soon as I found this photo of his sister nude, Shyamali Malakar nude.

In classic Antonella Barba style, he is bound to get even MORE attention.  I may change my personal opinion of him from Douchebag to Genius!

3 thoughts on “Sanjaya’s Naked Sister”

  1. u suck!!!! sanjaya is a GOOD singer, with a LOTTA potential, and the entire hottie package, he need no American Idol haters, or his sister to get him votes, he’ll get votes ANYWAY cuz he is the only IDOL left on the show….GO SANJAYA!!!!

  2. by the way….the girl exposed nthing much….u guys are SOOO desperate…i think u’re imagining things!

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