5 Minute OCD

I have just noticed that I haven’t posted in 10 days!  Wow, that’s horrible.  I have started many posts but kind of got bored in them half way through.  I think I have what I call “5 Minute OCD”.  This means If I can get something done perfectly in 5 minutes I will definitely do so.  If it starts taking more than 5 minutes the chance of a successful post goes way down.

Sometimes this means that I cancel the post.  Other times it may mean that I just trail off into….

NHL Links

I bet the Sabres will beat your team!  Actually I am so confident that I am ready to bet!  I have already made a wager with a good guy name “Jeff Kee” (See his Canucks Playoff Hockey post).  The person with the team that loses first will provide a blogroll link along with a review of the others blog.  I assume ties will be settled by the number of wins, then by the number of goals if the wins are the same.

I am excited!  I must go and try to G-out my wordpress theme.

What is wrong with the Treo?

Treos I like the Treo.  I like it a lot, but there are things that need to change before I buy one.  I understand that some of these things are seen as not possible.  However, looking back at the Motorola StarTac and the Razor, it seems like things were quite “POSSIBLE”, it just takes an innovative engineering team to do it.

1. Loose the Stub!:  That little antenna takes up a whole lot more room in a pocket.  Not only does it look horrible, it can jab you in the goods.  No matter how cool a phone is, I will always choose “My Goods” over it.

Now nerds settle down!  I know you can use the holster but holsters are for married people who don’t care about fashion any more and you guys (Nerds, dorks and dweebs).  On a side note, if you have EVER had more than one phone on your belt you are a nerd.  It’s best you just accept this and move one.

2. Huge Phone, Crappy Camera (No Flash): Yes, I do realize that a real flash would kill a cell phone but I don’t care.  I want it!  Also I want a decent camera (2.0 megapixel is fine) that I don’t have to hold completely still.  It should take a fine picture while the subject or the phone is moving.  Optical zoom is probably out of the question but would be nice. (Maybe 5 years down the road with liquid lenses)

3. Give me a WiFive!: For some reason, Verizon service despises my apartment.  If I could connect via the same service over my home wifi I would be SO happy!  Also using wifi should not interfere with making voice calls or kill my battery in 30 minutes of use.

4. Lose some weight: Dude, Treo… I love you but you’re FAT!  I understand you’re wide but you need to trim yourself down.  Now I’m not asking you to be as skinny as iPod, but trim it back!  Treo, stop crying… at least I didn’t ask you to get fake boobs!

5. Keyboard crazy: This is the smallest problem.  Users with sausage fingers don’t like the Treo.  Take a look at Motorola’s Q and get back to me.


So Treo (Palm), look at list, add them and I’m yours!

Faster Internet Explorer

John Chow just let me (and everbody else) know about how to make IE and FireFox faster HERE.  This trick basically let’s your internet browser download more files at once.  This helps when a site has multiple files.  Most likely multiple images.  This fix also lets Internet Explorer download more than two files at once from the same site manually.

For IE, John tells us to go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings” in the registry and change MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server and MaxConnectionsPerServer to “A” (or 10 in decimal).

Here is the registry file to change this right for your computer.


IE users do the following
1. Right Click on the above link ad select “Save As”
2. Save the file to your desktop as “Faster-Internet.REG”
3. Double click on the “Faster-Internet.REG” file and then click the “Yes” button that follows.

This will speed up your internet.