Kathy Sierra

Background: KATHY SIERRA, develops video games and instructs programming courses and seminars.  Recently she has been a master trainer for Sun teaching instructors how to teach to Sun’s customers.

Kathy is the publisher of headrush.typepad.com called “Creating Passionate Users”.

Recently (March 2007) Kathy has started to receive harrasing and highly threatening comments on headrush.typepad.com and other blogs.

Two pictures of Kathy have been posted one with a noose and another with underwear over her face.  She has since reacted by cancelling her speaking engagements and locking herself in her house for the most part.

Kathy has gotten A LOT of attention from the blogging community on how unacceptable this is.


Opinion: Kathy has effectively shutdown her life in fear.  Threats like this need to be handled, but you can’t remove yourself from the world.  Horrible things have been happening to good people ever since people have been around.  You have to deal with them and protect yourself.  How useless would our lives be if everytime we got scared we just shut out the world around us and hid.  All in all, this is probably just a bunch of stupid kids saying stupid things.  When they eventually get caught they will probably cry in front of their mom.

When there are people with real threats or in highly dangerous situations everyday, it is hard to get fired up over a few typed words.  Ask any soldier in Iraq, man or woman, how threatened they would feel about comments on a blog.

Kathy Sierra, please toughen up.



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