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John Chow ( is offering to help out blogs and small sites in general.  He has negotiated with Kontera to allow smaller sites to use their “In Text” links.

So what the hell does this mean for you?

Well, if you have a website, it offers a way for you to get more ad revenue.  In simpler terms it means “Mo Money”.

IN TEXT links are links that replace words on your page with links.  It doesn’t throw off your site in the slightest.  When somebody clicks on these links you get money.  How much depends on your word, your site and a couple other factors.

GREAT SIGN ME UP!  Well hold on a minute mister!  Kontera, and other text-link advertisers, tell you that you need at least 500,000 page views a month to qualify.

John Chow has negotiated with Kontera to allow people with A LOT less page views into the program.

If you’re interested I suggest you read John’s Content Link post first.  If you can’t wait Fill out this application and MAKE SURE you enter “John Chow Kontera partnership“  in the comment field.

2 thoughts on “Content Links”

  1. You don’t need to use John’s name at all to get accepted by Kontera. Kontera now accepts practically all small blogs, even those with hardly any traffic. The John Chow so-called partnership does one thing…it earns HIM commissions on all those who sign up below him.

  2. Yes, that’s true. You do NOT need to use John at all for Kontera. He just pulled a fast and dishonest one on everybody. Kontera stopped using the traffic requirement months ago. There have been blogs that are only 2 weeks old that have been accepted for Kontera.

    The fact is that the ONLY person his “so-called” partnership benefits is him! And that’s very sad. He’s lost a lot of readers recently due to such unethical behavior. You’d never see Darren Rowse of ProBlogger ever attempt to pull this king of trickery on his readers. Darren actually respects people; John uses them.

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